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I believe we can boldly say that we are a company uniting various generations and combining their experiences. It is amazing how we can inspire each other to make small or big changes in business and in private life as well. A great diversity of personalities, interests, and views is without doubt an advantage for cooperation. When we say “experience” we mean a VALUE greatest of all, empowering us to amalgamate creative ideas into modern information technology. Our 20 years of experience proves useful in many sectors of the economy, particularly in logistics and warehousing, offering our clients the tools to develop their businesses that are modern and open to innovation.

By offering our clients various innovative IT solutions tailored to their needs, our company inspires them to change. We know today that organizations are in need of modern and safe infrastructure that unites data, users, hardware, and software. The evolving process and business environment of Polish companies and their growing expectations concerning process optimization, improved quality, market competitiveness, and safety of stored and processed data force them to search for ways to cope with these challenges.

CSL Inspire


The history of CSL Inspire has in fact begun 20 years ago. It started when two persons, inspired by changes taking place around them, decided to revolutionize their professional lives and go ahead with a new project called “my company”. These two persons are the present owners of CSL Inspire – Laura Hołowacz and Przemysław Targowski.
Twenty years ago Laura Hołowacz established CSL Internationale Spedition which now sets new trends in logistics. During this time Przemysław Targowski acquired new competencies and experience which will enable our new company to enter the market of novel IT solutions. They now decided to create CSL Inspire as a new point on the map of global IT solutions, From the start on October 19th, 2018, the company possesses sufficient resources to plan and create innovative, robust, and safe systems needed by clients. First and foremost, we listen to our business partners, we encourage them to adopt novel solutions, and we create dedicated IT systems for them.
We have the desire and capabilities to transform ourselves in 20 years into a leading IT company on local and global markets.
Please keep your fingers crossed and become our clients…


Each newly created company sets its goals and includes them in the statement of its mission.
For us, the word ‘mission” means something more.
The value of every company lies in the unique business opportunities of our clients once we provide them with our dedicated services and products. We want to be close to the needs of our clients and to cross new technological frontiers together, so that our clients can expand even faster.
We grow together with our clients.
Therefore, our mission is:
“To support the growth and to build the competitive advantage of our clients by delivering innovative IT solutions.”


Our values are: OPEN MINDS to new technologies, WIDE PERSPECTIVES in supporting the business model of our clients, UNIFICATION by creating synergy between users, SAFETY through unceasing care for the most important currency – data, RESULT which lies in the added value of each company and which builds the competitive advantage thanks to our solutions.


Get a competitive advantage. Check our offer.

CSL Inspire

IT Services

It is difficult to imagine today any company without software supporting its operations. Systems usually differ even in the same sector of the economy. Why? Why aren’t they uniform? There is one answer: companies desire to be unique and distinct, to offer nonordinary solutions. Simply said – companies strive to deliver exceptional services or products to their clients.
Through our unique approach to our clients we hope to encourage them to change by creating a DEDICATED IT SYSTEM, a system that integrates the main issues of company management into a proprietary ecosystem.
We always have time and courage to listen to our clients, to discover their expectations, and to design a system that will draw interest and incorporate the best technological solutions brought by the digital revolution. By implementing our software the client gains functionalities and advantages that are really meaningful for the client and the company.
Information is the basic currency in the IT world. We understand the importance of a conscientious analysis of business processes in the company as the starting point to implement a dedicated system or ERP software. Our team meticulously analyses the required functionalities which address the expectations of the client arranged by processes and comes up with proposals to make them real, or in simple words, with solutions.
We cannot forget about a second important aspect of pre-implementation analysis, that is the implementation concept which contains the complete description of the information system in accordance with the requirements of the client. In this way we create a non-universal, nonordinary system guaranteeing the uniqueness of the company.

CSL Inspire

IT Products

IT products are nothing else than IT solutions which fulfill the business and technological expectations of the client, such as:
– teleinformation safety solutions;
– network solutions;
– server-matrix solutions;
– dedicated IT systems.
We cooperate with Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Google, HP Enterprise, Fortinet, CheckPoint, Palo Alto, to name just a few.


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CSL Inspire Sp. z o.o.

ul. Tadeusza Wendy 14
70-655 Szczecin
tel. +48 695 910 056
e-mail: p.h@csl.eu



CSL Inspire Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Szczecinie (Polska), ul. Tadeusza Wendy 14, 70-655 Szczecin, której dokumentacja przechowywana jest przez Sąd Rejonowy Szczecin-Centrum w Szczecinie, XIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego zarejestrowana pod numerem KRS 0000781477, NIP 9552487370, kapitał zakładowy 500 000 PLN.

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