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CSL Inspire

IT Services

It is difficult to imagine today any company without software supporting its operations. Systems usually differ even in the same sector of the economy. Why? Why aren’t they uniform? There is one answer: companies desire to be unique and distinct, to offer nonordinary solutions. Simply said – companies strive to deliver exceptional services or products to their clients.
Through our unique approach to our clients we hope to encourage them to change by creating a DEDICATED IT SYSTEM, a system that integrates the main issues of company management into a proprietary ecosystem.
We always have time and courage to listen to our clients, to discover their expectations, and to design a system that will draw interest and incorporate the best technological solutions brought by the digital revolution. By implementing our software the client gains functionalities and advantages that are really meaningful for the client and the company.
Information is the basic currency in the IT world. We understand the importance of a conscientious analysis of business processes in the company as the starting point to implement a dedicated system or ERP software. Our team meticulously analyses the required functionalities which address the expectations of the client arranged by processes and comes up with proposals to make them real, or in simple words, with solutions.
We cannot forget about a second important aspect of pre-implementation analysis, that is the implementation concept which contains the complete description of the information system in accordance with the requirements of the client. In this way we create a non-universal, nonordinary system guaranteeing the uniqueness of the company.

CSL Inspire

IT Products

IT products are nothing else than IT solutions which fulfill the business and technological expectations of the client, such as:
– teleinformation safety solutions;
– network solutions;
– server-matrix solutions;
– dedicated IT systems.
We cooperate with Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Google, HP Enterprise, Fortinet, CheckPoint, Palo Alto, to name just a few.