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Prezes Zarządu CSL Inspire
Monika Targowska

I come from Stettin and I graduated from the University of Stettin. I was always involved in sales as an effective and experienced manager. During my career I was an unrelenting fan of long-term client relations, understanding of client needs, and creation of mutual partnership. I am determined to discover new values always aimed at a common goal. Since 15 years I am involved in the IT sector. I always admired the IT world which demands creativity and openness to novel opportunities. To be part of this world, to participate in globalization, to play an active part in difficult IT projects arouses my great determination to find a free space in the market and to be unique. The intellectual capital, knowledge, and competencies are of exceptional value enabling us to create unique IT solutions, This is exactly what our clients expect and we deliver.
Privately, I am the wife of Przemysław Targowski and the mother of two fantastic daughters.

Członek Zarządu CSL Inspire
Przemysław Hołowacz
Member of the Board

I come from Stettin and I studied Econometric and IT at the University of Stettin. My IT experience i started get as a Member of the Board, main front end and graphic designer in Web and Art LTD company located in Great Britain. I decided to support my family in local busines and i came back to Szczecin. Since last few years I am responible for logistic and marketing solutions in CSL company. My creativity and open mind skills support company to get competitive advantage on the market. Now i can use my experience and build together with our team IT company and support our customers with a great, dedicated IT solutions. Right now I am study MBA at the University of Stettin.

CIO CSL Inspire
Przemysław Targowski

Business-oriented IT executive with 20+ years of experience in the creation and effective delivery of IT tools and systems according to business expectations, and in the building of competitive advantage in local and international markets. Employment history on several positions, as Senior Software Developer, IT Consultant, IT Director, CIO, CEO in IT companies operating in various sectors of Polish and international markets. Skilled in creating new business values and understanding the needs of companies and corporations. Effective negotiator and manager of IT resources.